Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come out to an activity before I join the club?

You are welcome to come out to a hike or two to try out the club. Note this is an invite to a regular hike not a weekend or special activity.

Can I bring my dog along on your activities?

No pets are allowed on our regular activities. Extremely rarely, we might have a dog friendly activity, but this is the only time a dog would be allowed.

Can I get a ride with someone to a hike or other activity?

The club promotes car pooling on most activities. Riders are expected to compensate the driver for his/her expenses.

How old are your members?

The majority of our membership fall into the early thirties to late sixties age range. But this doesn't really tell anything about their hiking abilities. Some of our older hikers are often the ones leading the group in hiking ability. We are a very friendly and social group.

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